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The BUSINESS of Consciously Farming

Iowa-based farmer, Beth Hoffman is in relentless pursuit of business models that work for farmers and in her context, those committed to healing the planet. She is seeking them out and, as a writer, sharing those stories with other farmers.

In Beth's book, Bet The Farm: The Dollars and Sense of Growing Food in America she tells the stories of the realities of farming and reasons it is imperative to look at new business models. Readers are then introduced to new ways of thinking of sustainable and positive bottom lines for farm businesses and the communities in which they are located.

Doing the right thing is admirable and necessary. Beth goes beyond to create and share a path for reliable income for some of the most deserving of those committed to healing.

Watch my conversation with Beth where she shares her latest discoveries about those models and the feedback she is getting from other farmers.

She walks the talk. She and her husband own an Iowa farm they are in the process of transitioning from conventional.

Beth's farm website and blog is here:

Back to business. Beth's most recent writing. What I learned from White Oak Pastures and other farmers can too.

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