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You Are Not The Boss Of Me (or my health)

Dr. Robert Ellis has a lot to say in this conversation about culinary medicine, the status of healthcare and wellness and, of course, his field of oncology. Yet it was his closing remarks that left me wondering why we simply forgot such a simple phrase. Why when you are a small child, you proudly chant the phrase, "you are not the boss of me" and yet, we model behaviors that show them that we are generally ok with appropriating our healthcare to others? It hasn't turned out well.

The latest CDC statistics show 6 in 10 adults have 1 chronic disease, 4 in 10 have two and most believe the current data is far more dire for every demographic.

Dr. Ellis is taking actions to empower individuals through his Mind, Body, Spirit approach and professional culinary medicine training. Listen to him discuss his new 3rd party consult services, his work guiding schools, as well as his amplification of the message that we are our own healers.


Dr. Robert Ellis DO, PhD served a distinguished 22 year career in the Army (which he discusses in the full conversation below when discussing wellness.) He is a second-generation osteopathic oncologist and holds a PhD in microbiology with a specialty in molecular immunology. Dr. Ellis is trained and board certified in medical oncology, osteopathic medicine, and integrative medicine. He is also a professionally trained plant based chef in addition to training in culinary medicine. He has always been interested in the role of lifestyle factors in the prevention and treatment of disease. While on active duty, he secured funding and was awarded a national research award for his work on the training impact of smoking on army basic trainees at Fort Bliss. He was an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific. There he co-founded and physician lead in the development of the Lifestyle medicine curriculum and longitudinal track. He serves as a member of the Tulane Consortium of Culinary Medicine. He recently retired as physician director of the Longview-Kelso Medical Oncology office and medical director of the Integrative Oncology Program of Northwest Permanente Medical Group.

During our conversation, above, Dr. Robert Ellis explained the name of his new company - I C 3 Services. " I see 3 (Mind, Body, Spirit)" is his fundamental approach to prevention and healing.



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