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Global Food Collaborative farm land

What brings us together?  

A common mission.


To Reverse And Prevent Chronic Disease 

What keeps us together?

We believe.  


We believe that food should be an essential medicine and integral to promoting health and staving off disease.

We believe in seeking out the root cause of disease as it relates to the food we consume and solving for that and not for the symptoms of disease.

We believe in an integrated food and health supply system driven by diverse professional practitioners. (Health Coaches, Chef's, Sourcing Directors, Physicians, Growers, Nutritionists, Scientists and Researchers.)

We believe food grown and harvested specifically for healing is in its infancy.

We believe that our individual businesses are outstanding examples of sustainability, innovation and problem solving and serve an optimal natural health supply chain system.

We believe in the elemental power of nature to heal and that our role is as stewards and caretakers of the land.

We believe the health of the microbiome in the soil and body are elemental to staving off disease.

We believe that connecting like-minded health and food businesses realizes greater benefit to our businesses, as well as the greater good.

We believe that science is a process and that on-going discoveries lead us to believe that most chronic disease can be slowed, prevented or reversed.

We believe in a platform where qualified health and food business professionals can meet in one place to strategically workshop and amplify food as medicine supply chains that increase in our individual and collective impact.

We believe that we are uniquely positioned to fulfilling human and planet health solutions at grass-roots levels and that our collective roles will be transformational.

We believe in each other to evolve and solve together. 

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