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Back 2 Business and Best Practices - 2023

November 23, 2023

  • Lisa reminds us of our eye health!

  • Med School Dropouts

  • Sprouts Farmers Markets

  • White Oak Pastures

October 26. 2023

AI removes needs of surveying/polling with faster to shelf products. 

Guardian Grains and Sprouted leveraging. 

September 14, 2023 


  • Nutrient Dense = Filling Observation of Students 

  • "Is that all the kids will eat or is that all the parents are offering?"

  • If someone tells you they have the answer to human/plant health, do they really? 

  • "Furever Dog" and the amazing thread throughout - human/pet health.  Top 3 triggers for poor pet health food, food and food. 

  • Local/organic does taste better in my community.  A testimonial by RR. (Living Soil (Cameron Skinner) 

  • International Farm Tour / Regenerative Experts Reveal / Spiritual Relationship With Their Lands

  • ChefDrMike and DeAnna Lozensky step up. 

September 7, 2023  


  • Removing brands from grocer shelves only leaving private brands discussion.

  • Scaling Programs Teaching Kids Culinary Health discussion. 

  • Key is attracting the right customers, not all customers.    #senasea 

  • Recruiting labor or contractors laughter is medicine  #justoneorganics #guardiangrains #wildforsalmon #whipperrwillcreekfarm  

  • Health business adds dancing component.

  • Louise Hay    Emotional /energetic connection to disease.

August 31, 2023


  • Subway gets bought by large investment group. Private to public. WOW!  Consolidated big time into mega mega complex.

  • Why look at an environmental landscape? 

  • Major restaurants shifting focus to local communities (and budgets).     Direct mail,s chools, local organizations -getting through digital clutter.  Old school - Guerilla Marketing.   Moving back to old, localized strategies.  #redrobin #asiabox, #tacojohns, etc.   Coupons.  Flyers.  Seeking authentic brands.  Seeking meaningful relationships. 

  • Transformational ppt noted of #Whippoorrwill Creek Farms. 

August 3, 2023


  • Podcasts reach and demographics.  

  • Learning / Growing As Host:  i.e. Dr. Paul Thomas re: Autism and more.   Sharing... knowledge. 

  • Lisa as guest on Wellness Mama 

  • Prepared includes having a call to action.  What is yours? 

  •  #kitchentherapy, #nourishedalaska, #senasea  Fork In The Road

  • Remedy documentary series puts an exclamation on our members work. 

  • Invite members to your summits, podcasts, events.   Leveraging impact, reducing duplication.

July 28, 2023


  • Holiday Gifts  - Time Is Now.   #senaseafoods #affiliateprograms #cross promoting #givinghealth

  • Layaway options for members in your community for holidays? 

  • Meet Up With Each Other Members Tool  "Let's Meet"  #rlscottassociates #maryernsberger 

  • Lentils affordable/healthy alternative #TimelessFood 

  • #Guardian Grains Mustard/IMOS 

  • #Kenai Fish #Kvichak Fish

  • #Donna Maltz #Amanda Montie  health coaches summer work 

  • Kitchen To Kitchen Summit Planning - 2023 

2023 GFC Best Practices:   Dan shares with the GFC community his business teaching people how to sound, look and present great on video.

Summer 2023 - Building A Food Forest in Montana

Robin takes Lisa on an informal  walk about prior to recording Business To Business showing year 1 of establishing a "food forest" in Montana.   Everything has to have a beginning... 

June 22, 2023

Robin and Lisa talk early organic leaders - Rodale and Weston Price and gratitude for our members who are leaders in their own right.

@Mary @Amanda (MI) @David @Donna @Steve @Amanda (AK) @Winona @Jim @Sara @ChefDrMike @GuardianGrains @Lisa

"I'm tired, all is well" -- a message from one of our members during the summer high season. 

June 1, 2023

Lisa explains the specifics of teaching kids a culinary program, kindergarden through highschool. 

"A cooking program to empower the youth and sets them free and prepares them for independence.   I was looking how to solve  to prevent illness, to promote wellness and identify what do our kids need to know.  It came down for me to as simple as it sounds - I believe it starts in the kitchen. "


The sign in our class and underlying theme in class "I unlock your superpowers. "

May 18, 2023

Robin vents "I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore", Lisa talks Health Coach Community objectives.

Best Practices: Web Design/Functionality


Felicia of FH Design in Seattle gives us a how to that she uses in her process to support businesses with a web presence.  She is a WIX platform expert and is proven with a few of our members so we asked her to dish on Best Practices.  

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