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What Canine Nutritionists Know About Preventing And Reversing Chronic Disease in Man's Best Friend

The demand for sustaining and affordable healthier food alternatives is not limited to humans.The demand for sustaining and affordable healthier food alternatives is not limited to humans. Pet owners, as well, are seeking out a better understanding of what nourishes their animals. Ruby Balaram, CEO of the Feed Real Institute and Real Dog Box, says "people are taking more responsibility for the health of their animal and we support that effort through educational programs, products and services."

Ruby Balaram, CEO; Feed Real Institute, Real Dog Box

There is a growing challenge in keeping your pet healthy and similar toxic impacts on humans are taking their toll on canines. This 2022 study published by the NIH suggests what most of us experience - that chronic disease is on the rise in our pets.

"The increasing importance of chronic diseases, neoplastic diseases, and traumatic events in companion animals (CAs) as a cause of death [1] has created interest in the role of veterinary medicine in the timing and mode of death and dying."

So, we had to ask, what optimizes our dogs health? How do we take responsibility, but do it right and affordably? Who can help guide us through? Her answers may surprise and certainly impress those unfamiliar with this growing category of professional expertise.


Ruby Balaram, founder of Real Dog Box, discusses the importance of feeding real food to dogs and the challenges in the pet food industry. She explains the mission of Real Dog Box and its sister company, the FeedReal Institute, which provides education and certification in canine nutrition. Ruby highlights the need for education and support for veterinarians to meet the growing demand for fresh food diets. She also discusses the sourcing and processing of Real Dog Box products, the benefits of oral health for dogs, and the parallels between pet and human nutrition. Ruby emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for our pets' and our own health and calls for collaboration to make a real change in the world.


Feeding real food to dogs is important for their health and well-being.

Education and support are needed to help veterinarians meet the demand for fresh food diets.

Sourcing and processing of pet food should prioritize quality and nutritional value.

Taking responsibility for our pets' and our own health is crucial for overall wellness.


00:00 Introduction and Business Overview

01:14 FeedReal Institute and Canine Nutrition Certification

05:45 Consumer Demand for Fresh Food and Education

06:04 The Impact of Fresh Food on Veterinarians' Business

08:34 Sourcing and Processing of Real Dog Box Products

11:41 The Confusion in the Pet Food Industry

12:11 Real Dog Box Subscription and Wellness Plan

14:20 Toys and Chews for Dogs

21:00 Oral Health for Dogs

23:13 Feeding Fresh Food to Puppies

24:14 Concerns about Pet Toys and Chews

27:38 Regenerative and Organic Sourcing

33:27 The Value of Fresh Food for Pets and Humans

39:01 Impact on Pet Parents' Health Choices

43:43 Collaboration and Making a Change

46:05 Closing Remarks and Call to Action


Ruby is the CEO and Founder of Real Dog Box - a monthly dog treat and food service, that helps dog owners feed real food. She oversees operations at their kitchen in San Diego, CA, as well as their customer service, and designs and implements policies to promote company culture! She is also Director of the Feed Real Institute, an online educational platform that teaches veterinarians, dog professionals and parents the science behind fresh food through online courses and workshops.

Before launching Real Dog and the Feed Real Institute, she worked as paralegal specializing in international trade and white-collar crime - she found her passion for creating transparency in the dog food world and teaching others about the benefits of fresh food, and has been on a nonstop quest ever since to help people feed real food!



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