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Empowering A New Narrative For Communities Is Within Our Own Reach

“A Livable Planet Is Worthy Uniting For" - Lara Tomov

Lara Tomov, Founder of Stories For Action, is a professional storyteller using her skills and experiences to bring communities together to shape their collaborative narratives. The challenge - a complicated and divided planet. Her solution, initiatives that unite around common ground found in communities through healthy dialogue formulating solutions that unite.

Our conversation below covers her what, when, why and how, Her work products put an exclamation mark on all of it. Listen carefully, as she calls to elevate stories and narratives around new food systems and their relationship to community.

What is the story of our place? Is it real or legend? Is it accurate or was it a campaign gone awry? Does it really reflect our community? Who we are? Our values? Would a new grass-roots narrative empower us to unify, connect, collaborate and better leverage our greatest strengths?

Stories For Action empowers us all. To collaborate with Lara, go to her website below, but we encourage you first listen to her in her own words.



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