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Raising The Bar On A Reliable and Sustainable Supply Chain Of Alaska's Wild Seafood

Bristol Wild Seafood Company officially opened their doors for business June 1, 2021, yet their experience in Alaska's wild fisheries pales in comparison to most. This company's shareholders represent centuries old traditions of harvesting and thriving on the seafood bounty of Bristol Bay, the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea of Alaska. This nutrient-rich resource was their sustenance and they invest heavily in their role to be its steward. Now, with the support and sophistication of their very own Native Regional Corporation, Bristol Wild Seafood is prepared to share their story and their wild seafood with the world.

Reliable Supply Chains For Food 2021 And Beyond

Buyers sourcing food for retail and food service channels know well the weakness brought forward in the supply chain over the past few years. Bristol Wild Seafood is poised to shorten the supply chain and be a direct and long-term partner. How does that work? Bristol Wild Seafood Company is part of a newly developed horizontally and vertically integrated seafood business and, as such, has greater reliability and control within its supply chain It's customers benefit, as it

  • owns the resource (fish). That translates to control of the product at its source .

  • owns the fishing fleet that establishes the quality standards and catches and processes the fish.

  • directly manages the relationship with the commercial buyer in a lockstep partnership approach.

Who is the ideal candidate (business) that can benefit from working with Bristol Wild Seafood Company?

The supplier/buyer partnership has the potential to be just that - an authentic and successful partnership. "We're in it for the long-game", says Everette Anderson, President of Bristol Wild Seafood Company. "We plan to move beyond Pacific Cod and diversify our species offerings and the buyer partnerships we build now will define what and how that product line is developed and delivered."

Bristol Wild Seafood Company, as part of BBNC, is unique for many reasons and a partner who honors these three ideals provides the greatest opportunity. 1) A commitment to the stewardship of the resource as demonstrated, by BBNC through their work to stop Pebble Mine development in Bristol Bay. 2) Honoring history and culture as demonstrated by BBNC's "fish first" logo signifying their Native cultures 10,,000 years of thriving in and around Bristol Bay. "at the heart of which is salmon, our source of sustenance and inspiration." 3) An alignment of vision. BBNC's vision and goals founded on their core values.

"We see partnerships with tribal businesses along the food service and retail channels as a way to highlight our indigenous roots through our respective stories", Everette explains. "We are anxious to realize strategies with these organizations and show an aligned business model."

Channels in food service and retail that can benefit from the stories of the region, the harvest, the resource and its people resonates with the proud members of the Bristol Wild Seafood Company and its affiliates. "This is our story", says Everette as he describes their organic journey to the establishment of Bristol Wild Seafood Company.