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October Book Club: Conscious Cures

Raising awareness of health, family, business and planetary healing is the expectation of this months book club, hosted by Author, Donna Maltz.

Starting, Thursday, October 7th, and running each Thursday of the month, guest speakers will be leading topic discussions. To sign up and learn more, go to the book club website.

Weekly Book Topics

🌍 Health - Health is our greatest wealth. Immune system building and wellness


🌍 Family - Unity in community builds our immunity. Improving relationships at home, our communities.

🌍 Business and Career - Since the Ice Age, nothing has changed the world faster than business. It is ethical businesses, led by morally courageous people, that can rapidly transform our world for the better. Ways to stimulate a regenerative economy - on land and


🌍 Planetary healing - When Mother Earth is healthy, we all benefit. How caring for the Earth will reduce the risk of future pandemics.

Contact Donna directly here or 907.299.0300.

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