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Food Jungle Offers Consumers A Journey Into The Mysteries Of The Food Supply Chain

How does a consumer learn "the inside baseball" of the food supply chain? It's an often un-engaged challenge and most are left utterly confused.

Food Jungle is an easy to read, e: publication, that highlights newsworthy items for food consumers and is followed by a short interpretation by the author. His mission is to begin a discussion of the food system for those that may know very little on the topic. It is an easy read that marries his journalistic skills, with images and short stories that seem more like a gift you are receiving in your in-box, because you deserve the benefit of the knowledge he shares.

Gregory Zenin has stepped up to help consumers have more insights in his new publication, Food Jungle. Listen to Gregory explain the who, what and why of his work. Subscription link below.

Food Jungle Subscriptions:



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