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Verifying Food Is Really Medicine

Is your food medicine? Let's say my meal is a fully diverse fresh plant-based plate. You do the same, but source a cottage, a county or country away. We have identical plates, but is there a difference? Categorically, yes. The nutrient density is likely very different and while we both spent the same amount of money growing or shopping for our meal and time preparing it, the outcomes to nourishing our bodies may be the difference between night and day.

What is nutrient dense food? Practitioners in healing frequently refer to the use of nutrient dense foods in their protocols, yet it has been an elusive reference until now. Dan Kittredge explains the technology and the science that are placing a line in the sand on food quality and defining nutrient density.

Dan joined Robin in a conversation about the role the Bionutrient Association is playing in soil and the direct connection to food health. The day following this interview, a public announcement was made on the formation and integration of the Bionutrient Institute, "the home for the science to build a nutrient dense food supply."

Learn more, listen to below.

Is the Bionutrient Meter a must have for health practitioners, market vendors, growers, buyers, restaurant owners, chefs and more? Check it out after you listen to Dan explain (above).

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