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Health and Food Roots Of Wild For Salmon

Know your farmer is good. Knowing that your farmer knows the connection of food to health to ecosystem alignment is even better. Listen to our conversation with Steve Kurian, Captain and CEO of Wild For Salmon and Pride Of Bristol Bay. Learn how it all comes together to the benefit of his customer community by way of his Pennsylvania roots, systems thinking, Alaskan harvesting methodologies and what it means for his customer community. |

Steve credits his forestry background for understanding ecosystems and their relationships. He steps into the natural world to sustain his business so deeply dependent on a renewable wild resource.

Wild For Salmon established an early relationship with the Weston Price Foundation demonstrating the commitment to deliver foods that were backed with the scientific linkages to health. (Note: Dr. Price studied Alaskans as part of his work and the wild foods results were jaw dropping.) The film below gives a peek into business operations and what sets Wild For Salmon and Pride Of Bristol Bay apart.

Steve Kurian | Captain & CEO



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