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Montana Ranch Coop Inspires and Innovates

Question: Who benefits from the business practices of Old Salt Co|Op?
Answer: We all do.

Shouldn't this be the bar we're striving to reach? Businesses that don't measure only their bottom line, but the welfare of the land, soil, plants, animals, air, water AND community?

Well friends, it is happening right here in Montana. I was given a heads up from a colleague, equally ahead of the curve, in North Carolina. "Hey, did you know they're practicing what you're writing about, only a few miles away from your home?" No, I did not. So, on my next roadtrip, I stopped at their fast casual restaurant to take a look for myself. As a result of what I saw, I had to learn more and Cole Mannix, President of the Old Salt Co |Op graciously joined me for a reveal of the cooperative. What's the stand out of this interview? I'll let you decide.

For me, one of the highlights of the Old Salt CO |OP are the webinars they produced last fall. Let's face it, getting in front of the producer to answer questions you may have as a buyer may be logistically challenging. In the webinars below, you are able to hear from each decision maker and coop member on their respective ranch practices. You not only get a sense of their practices, you get a sense of their commitment and that they are all in on leaving this world a far better place. I registered for each and was immediately able to watch at no charge.


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