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The Impact Of One On Many

It was mid-summer when I was encouraged by Jim Barngrover and Dave Oien, founders of Timeless Natural Food, to sign up for a community dinner, unique to my new Montana home. I searched to sign up, but it was sold out. I tried again the next scheduled dinner, it was sold out. That made me even more curious. What was this about? Who was Claudia? Why couldn't I get a ticket to one of these dinners?

I sat down with Claudia Galofre Krevat to meet this much talked about leader in the local and healthy food movement in Montana. Seems her dreams of community dinners is not only for our region, state or country. She wants to reprise true community through local foods and has a not-so -secret recipe to do just that!

One of the great joys of meeting Claudia is that she is as colorful and full faceted as the meals she prepares. Check out her website and scroll down to her rainbow of colors in nearly every dish. It screams life! It is hard to imagine anyone that screams life and vitality more than Claudia.



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