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Are You Living Like The Future Matters?

You may have met Donna Maltz, as it seems many across the globe in organic foods and holistic healing have for good reason. She has been practicing and teaching holistic health and foods in numerous, inter-connected roles across the planet over her entire career.

We catch up with Donna to ask her about the role food plays in her life today. How does that translates to where she decided to live, the community she chooses to surround herself with and her explanation of working, eating and living like the future matters? Follow the conversation below.

Listen to Donna, in her own words, explain in the conversation above. Some of the highlights.

  • Donna defines a SOULutionist as someone who solves the worlds problems by the way they live, by the way they work, by the way they eat.

  • Her experience is that if we ask the question of "is this living like the future matters?" as we make daily choices, that we make better choices for our own health and well-being.

  • It is Important to identify what a healthy person is and that can often be by looking at what is on the plate or in the bowl.

  • What is the role of food in her world? It is her doctor.

  • Our health scorecard is often a result of us taking charge of our own lives.

  • Homeopathy and herbal practices are a seamless integration.

  • Where you live matters.

  • Donna lives and works on a farmstead produce 8,000 pounds of organic fruit sold, shared or utilized in their own Hawaiian culinary retreat and programs.

  • "Eating with the seasons best you can do for your health. "

  • Donna compares the microbiome makeup of her community to the microbiome of soil and gut.


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