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The Food As Medicine Supply Chain

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Harvester/Grower Of Nutrient-Dense Foods
Functional, Integrative, Naturopathic Doctors; Dieticians, Nutritionists, Health Coaches
Manufacturer/Processor Of Wild, Natural, Organic Foods
Natural Markets
Natural Food Retailers - Buyers and Operators
Authors, Media and Publications Addressing Food As Medicine For Preventative And Chronic Disease
Chef's and Restaurants Focusing On Wild, Organic, Natural and Healing Foods.
Organizations and Associations That Support Healing Foods For Preventative Health and Chronic Disease Healing.
Educational programs learning about, teaching the relationship between food and health.
Film Makers
Producers/Directors of documentary, web-based and learning films that responsibly demonstrate the relationship of food to health.
Farmers Markets/CSA's
Operators Of Farmers Markets and CSA's/CSF's
Annual events and gatherings that focus on the relationship of food to health.
Supply Chain Partner
Those that connect our food as medicine supply chain - packaging, certification, inspection, transportation, finance and more.
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To conquer disease
through optimal food systems.
Who We Are
A horizontally and vertically connected supply chain for professionals applying food as the backbone of regenerative and preventative health.
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Natural Markets

Natural Food Retailers - Buyers and Operators