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Harvester/Growers  exhibit stewardship with relation to soil, land and water.   They are land and ocean stewards securing markets that recognize and support their evolving practices, values and impact. 

  • Farmer

  • Fisherman

  • CSA Owner/Operator

  • Garden To Market Owner ​

Community  - $270 / Annual

Stakeholder (Directory Listing Only) - $150 / Annual

While you may be influencing the optimum health and accessibility of your buyers and customers and the environment in which you work, the Global Food Collaborative community is here to support you and your business health.   You are in a field where collaboration at every level is essential to your business sustainability and growth - now more than ever.   


A sanctuary (safe/vetted and private) for learning with and from other professionals to support best practices within your business.  

Weekly Peer to Peer calls for members to meet and share their wins and challenges featuring an Advocate and Champion member each week.  
Monthly Best Practices call featuring an expert in Finance, Marketing, Management, Operations or Human Resources.     
Content created by and for the membership to "grab and go" for purposes of benefiting your audience, as well, as developing the local, regional, national or international marketing. 

Professionally facilitated collaboration and much more. *

*Not the right fit?  Cancel at anytime right in your own profile.   

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