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What Does It Take To Improve Our Health and Food System? People.

Lisa Jendza talks with Amanda Montie to discuss her evolving role in the melding lines between food and health businesses. (1:50 version below) Amanda is a mom and active community member who owns and operates a catering business in Michigan (food buyer) , is a Yoga Instructor (Ayurvedic Medicine Support), Health Coach and Pre-Med Student (Functional Medicine). Hear what she believes her role is going forward.

Amanda is confident that she has the power to create positive change through her business. She has strategically been working toward the establishment of an integrated wellness center in her community that thrives on evolving practitioners and businesses that align with her belief that "business owners have the responsibility to do it better than the generation before it did".

Seeking to collaborate? Amanda pulls food products into the marketplace with her catering company using local farms and suppliers, but as she says in the full version of her interview, "I'm always open to directly working with steward suppliers in my region."

"We need to leave this world in better shape than we found it and it only happens when we roll up our sleeve and do something about it." - Amanda Montie

Full conversation between Lisa and Amanda below.

Amanda was first to join the GFC Community platform and we knew she was a business and community leader from the get-go. She walks the talk of evolving with each conversation and this time, she adds credentials as a certified Yoga Instructor (Ayurvedic Medicine Support), Health Coach, Owner (House Of Willard Catering) and Pre-Med (Functional Medicine).

Champion Advocates are business owners recognized for their influence to pull product into the marketplace that fit the mission of human and planetary health.

Connect and Collaborate With Amanda. Her catering and health coaching links below.



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