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Lisa Brings It To The GFC Community

Lisa Jendza successfully gathers together influencers, health coaches and emerging food brands to optimize market adoption and reach. She masterfully customizes educational programs as the foundation for gatherings, utilizing these learning opportunities as a vessel for more purposeful, intimate and long-term business relationships between and among her students and clients. Her purpose is to positively impact the bottom line for business sustainability through the strongest possible business collaborations.

In her role at Global Food Collaborative, Lisa is putting a laser focus on member businesses utilizing the educational and business connection tools she has developed over her professional career. She is a proven change agent; a natural consultant and connector. She imparts the systems thinking she developed in her IT career with her relentless problem solving for the benefit of her clients. Teaching, speaking, and leading all come naturally to Lisa but what differentiates her contribution is it comes from a place of experience and wisdom. As a partner in Global Food Collaborative, Lisa will utilize her prior work skills and experience to lead the educational and community programs for the benefit of business members.

Lisa Jendza cut her teeth in the business world with over 2 decades in all aspects of management and operations with GM, EDS, and HP before leaving to follow her calling. After a decade of teaching holistic health, Lisa could clearly see a need to gather in the kitchen with like-minded individuals to influence the shift to a 'real food' system. "Being in the kitchen symbolizes taking care of oneself; it is how we nourish, show love to others and create and sustain relationships. Students frequently tell me that my classes set them free. Freedom is my life’s purpose. "

As a business owner, Lisa has owned a wellness spa, co-founded a commercial kitchen/cooking school, has served as a health and business coach and has produced several summits featuring nationally recognized food and health experts (including some of the GFC members.)

Lisa is no stranger to small business. While corporate life showed her the value of always having sights on the big picture, running small businesses allowed her to experience the contrasts. She has used those insights to improve her own small business(es), even writing a chapter for a business book on what she calls the Boutique Business Model. Lisa's small business experience includes overhauling and launching a magazine, renovating a holistic health center, developing a natural skin care line, consulting other spas on detox programs, joining a food incubator, and participating in a commercial kitchen network all of which has given her a window into the challenges and opportunities of small business.

"Lisa is a lifelong learner, always curious, always reaching out to seek more information and grow a network of those similarly evolving", says Robin Richardson, GFC Founder. “We immediately found connection as we shared our expertise at directly connecting business owners and sharing the opportunities for more of this as we see the business environment changing. We had a mutual passion for advocating and highlighting our businesses in a group dynamic (community) that cannot otherwise be accomplished individually. We have complementary business networks and experiences. As we ask our members to use collaboration as a method to increase their capacity, pace and momentum, we believed coming together to do the same for our members was the right thing at the right time. "

"If our health is our greatest wealth, then freedom starts in the kitchen." - Lisa Jendza



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