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Natural Intelligence Systems Influencer Extraordinaire

What if your community could employ its own system naturally stimulating the growing of nutrient dense food, utilizing waste and being self-reliant for for the power (energy) to do so? Now imagine how this might impact the health of your community by providing the nutrients that are absent today from most soils. Taking it one step further, what if the natural stimulants could be used for bioremediation of damaged soils in preparation for growing of healthy foods, people and environments?

At The Front Door To The Earth Power Lodge (Summer 2022)

We sat down with Michael Smith, the principal developer of the Green Power House (GPH) featured in the award winning documentary, The Need To Grow, to learn about his next closed-loop innovation based on Natural Intelligence. Natural Intelligence is rooted in the concept of biomimicry and unlike artificial intelligence it is focused on understanding natural solutions that already exist within the physical world that surrounds us.

Watch Michael unpack the latest on the Earth Power Lodge in our conversation below. Learn how he views regeneration and utilizes its principals in the design and construction of the Earth Power Lodge, located in Montana. Continued experiments, applications and conversations are continually increasing the benefits, outcomes and global interest. Like other Global Food Collaborative members, he welcomes collaborations increasing the pace and momentum of repairing ourselves and our planet.

We have to come back to understanding everything as a holistic system. - Michael Smith

A Teaching/Learning Soil Center @ EPL

To learn more and/or connect: Contact REGENiTECH

REGENiTECH’s Natural Intelligence based Bioreactors are a set of building blocks that can be used to assemble systems capable of converting waste into powerful biological agents that support the regeneration of our precious natural resources.

You cannot separate the soil from the plant. -
Michael Smith


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