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JustOne Organics: Supply Chain Partner

In this one minute clip below, David Rose, Founder of JustOne Organics summarizes where there is hope through the connection of soil and human health.

Learn more about the why and how of his company in Lisa's eye opening full length conversation below, as well as through the links we've provided to recipes and products of JustOne Organics.

JustOne Organics® is a global mission and regenerative food systems brand. Our purpose is to mainstream the movement actually transitioning our food systems from a degenerative agricultural and food distribution system… to a regenerative one.



Above: Lisa Jendza hosts David Rose, JustOne Organics in a conversation about growing organic and regenerative markets with products and systems that meet a specific purpose.

JustOne Organics Shop

JustOne Recipes

A Supply Chain Partner is characterized by a business that adds value to optimize our member businesses (growers/harvesters/champions and advocates). They have aligned beliefs and through their work, support the GFC mission.



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