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Global Food Collaborative was established in 2007, recognizing the strength of independent suppliers, commercial buyers and their respective supply chain to work directly with each other to create optimum supply chain solutions.  Members came together to create synergies that resulted in increased business and expanded networks.      Like the world around us - things change and it's time to raise the bar --- 

  • A Soft and Smart Footprint
  • Clean Water and Healthy Oceans
  • Prescribed And Nutrient-Rich Foods
  • Transparency and Food Safety

How are are our members raising the bar?    

Members answer these questions, in their own words. Members create optimum supply chain solutions AND raise the bar on their products and services with meaningful social, environmental (or ecological) and financial impact. 

Membership Levels

  1. Commercial Buyer Responsible for sourcing finished food, beverage and agri-products for Restaurant, Retail Grocery, Institutional Food Service, General Retail, Convenience and/or Gift.
  2. Independent Suppliers. Harvesters, growers, manufacturers and processors of food, beverage and agri-products.
  3. Supply Chain Partners. Professionals who add value to the supply chain of quality food, beverage, or agri-products for suppliers and/or commercial buyers.

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