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Wild Seafood CSA Knows Customers By Their First Name For Good Reason

The Kvichak Fish Company is moving closer to those invested in their CSA. Their goal is to be closer to what they view as the most critical link in their supply chain - their customer.

Amanda Wlaysewski, Founder, The Kvichak Fish Company

The Kvichak Fish Company CSA (Community Supported ) is enhancing the relationship between customers and their food by delivering directly and in person exclusively to the Montana market. No AI. No supply chain links (or costs). No big ticket marketing. No complicated logistics. The saved costs are truly passed on to the customers with an affordable, healthy, supply of wild salmon or halibut. Deliveries are done, post-season, to designated locations throughout Montana by the very same people who selected the fish, processed and packed it in Alaska.

Kvichak River, Bristol Bay, Alaska

Already a frequent exhibitor and participant in local markets, the Kvichak Fish Company has been servicing customers throughout Montana since it was originally established. In 2023, the commitment goes deeper to solely concentrate on their Montana clients with wild Alaska salmon and halibut selected, processed, packaged and delivered specifically for their clientele. Locations that have been frequently served for delivery include Bozeman, Helena, Butte, Missoula, Polson and Whitefish. Those destinations are driven by the customers and will continue to evolve as the CSA concentrates on the Big Sky state.

Transparency of the process and resulting quality has always been Kvichak's hallmark and this is not changing. What is changing is their approach to getting even closer to their customers. "This business has succeeded because we have a direct and on-going relationship with our customers who we know by fist name, rather than email address or phone number. We've resisted a service area outside of Montana as it prohibits us from seeing and talking with our customers. It's not a one-way relationship and we love to get genuine feedback in this way," says, Founder/Owner, Amanda Wlaysewski.

In 2023, the Kvichak Fish Company continues its work sharing the latest of their stewardship work, the harvest and processing season, as well as the intrinsic qualities of the salmon they have processed exclusively for their Montana customers.

Do you have questions about your food? It seems more consumers are asking for a deep dive into the who, what, when, where and how. Kvichak Fish is answering face-to-face, Investor to investor. Their website doesn't miss a beat on transparency of their foods.

"Know WHERE Your Food Comes From"

"Know WHO Your Food Comes From"


WHAT HAPPENS Between The Boat And Your Plate?"

Kvichak Fish is a boutique, wild Alaska seafood company, working in the heart of the world's largest wild sockeye salmon fishery in Alaska's Bristol Bay. Want to learn more? Listen to Amanda tell her own story below.



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