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Customers Want To Know

Customers want to know, but are you keeping it a secret? Hiding it in the footer of your website? Where is your environmental scorecard? Doing good by doing well is an important message that can create allegiance to your company, product or service. By hiding this message, you're already telling your customers that it is an afterthought. How about putting it right up front where your customers can be informed and proudly telling their community about those initiatives.? Climate solutions are top on consumers minds, so shouldn't it be top on your messaging?

Here's an example, at least at one retailer.

Shout, Show, Share Your Work

I almost jumped out of my skin when I shopped this store recently and heard a voice come over the intercom that highlighted the store initiatives to be part of the climate change solution, reduce waste and promote planet health. The message was not preachy. It was soft, but clear that this is what they were doing in concert with their staff and customers. I applaud their initiatives and their success in sharing their story. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. This is what I'm talking about.

This is the line in the sand. This is what small, medium and large businesses seem to be missing. They may have impressive environmental scorecards, but they are not translating that to their customers to capture the brand loyalty. A customer does have feeling about where they shop and that is relayed over and over to their friends, colleagues, family and more. Why not give your customers more reasons to like and recommend your company? Why not give customers a reason to be loyal and lock step with your initiatives. This is how you build community and brand in the current and future marketplace.

Check out Kohls initiative or their visit in person via their store locator that highlights each store's initiatives. So who is a food retailer that is accomplishing this opportunity to enhance their direct relationship with consumers? Grocery. CSA's, Direct Marketers, Farmers Markets, Restaurants, On-Line Retailers -- no one is exempt. Everyone can benefit.

Coincidental that today the Motley Fool dropped a story of Kohls as the store o f the future.? I don't think so.



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