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Things Have Changed

You will note that I'm using my same picture from the original Collaborative INSIGHTS newsletter. Do I look the same? No. Does Global Food Collaborative look the same? No.

I promise I'll update my photo for the next issue.

In the meantime, let me update you about Global Food Collaborative, LLC.

Let's start with is the same. It's a B2B community of decision makers, owners and operators. It's purpose is have a positive impact on those individual businesses, as well as the collective economic impact as a result of their work together. It has an external feature that includes Collaborative INSIGHTS Newsletter and an external website GlobalFoodCollaborative.Com.

What's new? We've added an internal community platform where workshopping, communication and connecting can happen 24/7/365. Those who add value to an integrated health and food supply chain and fit one of the categories may apply to join at GlobalFoodCollaborative.Org. The most significant change is our pivot to a focus of optimizing natural health by optimizing its supply chain..

To briefly explain. Let me step back. This issue of Collaborative INSIGHTS features 4 stories of individuals who are vested and invested in changing how we look at food and health. Each of them reveals the triggers that drew them to refocusing their practices and businesses toward health. Each are business owners and food activists and I encourage you to cheer them on, amplify their messages, reach out and support their businesses. I, too, had a trigger. Mine was the very common story of caring for elderly parents nearly full time over what is close to a decade. That gave me significant time to be on the front lines at hospitals, retirement homes, rehabilitation facilities, emergency rooms, skilled nursing facilities and more. I have served in the capacity of a full-time advocate for each of my parents. I asked a group of pharmacists one day, while correcting yet another wrongfully distributed prescription, "What do people do that don't have an advocate?" Their response in unison, "Pray. Robin, you have no idea."

I have always believed in food as medicine thanks to a fabulous Registered Nurse grandmother. I have always believed food had great potential for communities for economic development and community building. I have been awed by the physicians and health practitioners who speak at conferences, trainings and now webinars and podcasts who are showing us the way of science. It is an especially critical moment in time that these same scientists and practitioners are speaking to the microbiome of the gut and the microbiome of the soil, simultaneously. The science is showing us a path. We want to follow and support it with the ultimate goal of slowing, preventing and reversing chronic disease.

Now is one of the most revealing times in history for better solutions for human healing. My role is to help facilitate those discussions, connections and collaborations with a goal of seeing the needle move forward in some meaningful way.



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