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The Plantpower Meal Planner App

We hear repeatedly that the biggest hurdles to the lifestyle change of eating well are the required transitional steps of meal planning, shopping, pantry hacks and meal preparation. The Plantpower Meal Planner app removes the complexity of meal planning, shopping and preparation of food.

Listen to a special interview with Julie Piatt, SriMati. She is the founder of the Plant Power Meal Planner App which simplifies the transition or continuity of plant-based eating. In a customized approach, the app begins with an interview that adjusts your experience specific to the time you want to prepare, meals that are appealing and your existing kitchen equipment. Then scroll through your offerings for meals by day and once you make your choice, the ingredient list is populated. The cumulative ingredient list can be edited or pushed out to your favorite retailer for pick-up or delivery. It is the ultimate in convenience.

"If I excel at anything in my recipes it is simplicity. If I'm masterful at anything it is at taking away to let nature do what it does which is magnificent on its own." - Julie Piatt

The Plantpower Meal Planner The app that provides customization of your profile for daily or weekly meal planning from over 500 simple recipes. A perfect tool that simplifies the transition to a healthier eating lifestyle with the diversity of meal offerings that make it a sustainable choice.

The Plantpower Way Cookbook A transformative family lifestyle guide on the power of plant-based eating—with 120 recipes—from world-renowned vegan ultra-distance athlete Rich Roll and his wife, accomplished musician, yogi, entrepreneur, humanitarian and mom - Julie Piatt.

SriMu: Plant-based Cheese SriMu is the first subscription box of its kind

artisanally crafted NOT cheeses made with plant-based ingredients

for a delicious new take on the cheeses you adore.

Water Tiger: Water Tiger is an offering to guide you into remembering who you are. A life form that has all it needs to fulfill itself; a sovereign being - an experiential process of accessing and embodying the layers of your organic life print.



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