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Regen Market: Champion Advocate

Starting off the new year, we feature Monica and Ryan Kulesza, Co-Founders of Regen Market. RegenMarket is a membership based, online store, featuring Montana-grown, beef, pork, lamb, plant-based proteins and honey. We wanted to hear directly from them the why and how they source regenerative food products. We learned so much more in our conversation below.

Historically, we have asked buyers what and how they buy for the purposes of supporting stronger insights for producers and the supply chain to be lock step. Today, the why of those sourcing or prescribing may be even more significant for business alignment and collaborations.

Regen Market Website:

Please use the share story on your respective social media accounts. Monica and Ryan are subscribing to do better - let's tell their story and support their business.


Champion Advocates are business owners recognized for their influence to pull product into the marketplace that fit the mission of human and planetary health. Examples of those who roles that are frequently identified with Champion Advocates are:

  • Authors/Publishers/Filmmakers

  • Commercial Buyers: Independent natural market, retailer, wholesaler, chef, restaurant and/or manufacturer.

  • Health Professionals/Practitioners: Culinary, Integrative, Naturopathic, Chiropractic Medicine, Health Coach and/or Nutritionist.



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