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Authentic Children: What do they already understand that benefits from cultivating by the parent?

Drop everything. Mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, teachers, healthcare professionals and everyone who cares about children should have a read ... and sooner than later.

Our children have never had such a confusing world to decipher and most are struggling. The inputs of toxins only add gasoline to the fire and that fire is our children's future.

Mary Ernsberger offers guidance on how we can help. Her book is not a "how to" and does not preach instruction, but rather, creates a gentle flow to a greater understanding of our roles in support of children. Mary addresses the gifts of the authentic child telling her story and the lessons of love and compassion of an authentic mother.

Mary's professional education, experiences, readings and role as mother are shared, along with her vulnerabilities as parent, giving readers the confidence that it is a continuum of learning and exploring. Her protocols and changed behaviors have the ability to raise hope and happiness in others at a time that our society benefits from the strongest possible, next generation.

Parenting Consciously: 'Out of the Box' Solutions For Raising Your Authentic Child

I am an author, speaker, and complementary alternative medicine practitioner. It is my greatest desire to help parents raise healthy, happy, authentic children.

Mary is currently completing her National Board Certification in Nutritional Health. Previously, she completed degrees in Mind-Body Psychology, Western Herbalism, Health and Wellness and a Master's in Education and a Master's in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Mary's previous books.

"Un-Broken Children"

"Recognizing The Greatness In Each Child"

"Plants vs Pills"

"Herbal Options for the Treatment of Childhood Dianosed Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders.

(Contributor) My Big Idea Book

Mary can be reached through her website or directly at this link.

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