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Our Healing Roots

It is becoming glaringly evident that the optimum health program integrates professionals in both food and medicine. Ideally, this would be professionals who openly listen and learn from each other on a continuum and this is exactly the conversation we had with Merry Schepers of Farm2Fork Pork and Katrina Bogdon of Our Healing Roots.

Naturopathic Practice Located On Missouri Food Producing Farm

While they are both well networked within the Springfield, Missouri community, it may be as important to watch in real time how a farmer (gardener/herbalist/soil steward/educator) and her spouse (naturopath/scientist/educator) have a conversation that bridges food, farming, herbs, lifestyle and healing. You can't help being impressed how they are learning and listening to each others answers to benefit their customers, patients and community.

I asked and they answered.

  • How do your patients respond to your practice actually being located on your farm?

  • How have you become part of the health and food supply system in your community?

  • What further collaborations might strengthen that system?

  • In your own words, what do you see as your collective impact to the community?

Want to learn more specifically about Katrina's role in supporting breast cancer healing? Check out the podcast below or contact her directly above.



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