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Modern Day Holistic Healer - Missouri's Macauley Kincaid

Thank you to Brandy Hickman of Kitchen Therapy and Dan Kittredge of the Bionutrient Food Association who both provided contacts and introductions in Missouri, as we put together Collaborative INSIGHTS with a focus on that supply chain system. Upon reviewing the material they provided, I came across Macauley's work and was interested in his perspective of his role in health and healing. He did not disappoint. Our 25 minute conversation below.

Want to learn more about Macauley?

Watch his slide presentation below. Prepared to be wowed.

The Future Of Agriculture: Macauley Kincaid

Link to presentation here.


Read "Dad, I think you're the greatest farmer in the world", by Ron Nichols, Understanding Ag. (The story of Macauley's journey.)



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