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Marketing Holistic Health? Reveal YOUR Daily Menu

Businesses marketing holistic health often overlook the one message that converts shoppers to buyers, intrigued to clients and sick to well.

Sharing your daily routine of food and beverage can nail your authentic message. What does your food and beverage day look like? Throw in a little "lifestyle" medicine hacks maybe. Walking the talk is powerful.

Your average daily routine of eating and drinking is influenced by the timing of your sleep/work patterns. Make those part of your reveal.

Here is an example of superfoods guru Darin Olien, now famous for his TV Show, Down To Earth. He reveals in a brief solo podcast what and when he eats/drinks daily and what he feeds his dogs. Why? Because, as he explains, it is one of the most asked questions of him around the world. People are curious how you achieve optimum health and showing the way increases your credibility. In business terms, it's high ROI to your business and brand.

We have two GFC business member (owners) in completely different food businesses. After our interviews last year, each discussed (off line) their food philosophy and what/how they ate at home. Guess what? They both ate their own products, explaining how it nourished them to run long and full days in their business. It was their own testimonial of how they achieved the health required to operate their businesses. Shouldn't this be the very first testimonial on your business website?

P.S. Revealing the foods that nourish is important, but the time of day or portions these food and beverages are equally important. Don't forget to mention the cell repair methods of fasting built into those routines.

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. - Mike Murdock

Poll: Have you changed your health habits by hearing the daily routine of those you admire?

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