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It's that simple.

Respectfully, I need to unburden.

We are of a very blessed generation. No doubt, some of us had it harder than others, but for the most part we floated through a good life growing up, raising our children, having successful careers and enjoying the perks.

Now we are seeing in real time and living color the consequences of our ignorance, our neglect and our self-absorption. Yes, I'm speaking to my generation. We are with nearly every action, contributing to some of today's largest threats.

I often wonder if Tom Brokow's, "The Greatest Generation" begat "The Most Selfish And Destructive Generation". Do you?

I hear people of my generation, without exception referring to their plans "after we get back to normal". How does that happen if we don't commit to being part of the solution and stop standing on the sidelines? Do we know that normal wasn't healthy for us or the planet,? Do we know that our cumulative behavior got us to where we are today and that those behaviors have had negative impacts far and wide? Do we know that we are the problem and the solution?

I do not condone othering and will not use it here, as much as it is tempting to "screen shot" some of what I have recorded from friends and colleagues that feed on a continuous loop in my head. The self-absorption overwhelms me. The unwillingness to read, research and act disappoints beyond belief. I will hold on to hope for transformations. Enough said.

It is my intention to no longer devote time or energy to those waiting for normal to return or outsourcing the hard work of helping our fellow man or planet.

Moving forward, I ask those of you who read this post to know that I am committed.

My mantra:

  • I am awake and consciously changing my actions and behaviors to support the re-balance of nature.

  • I am open to support those doing the same. Please reach out.

  • I am and will continue telling their stories.

  • I am not in fear of the future,

  • I will not abdicate my role in contributing to the healthiest and happiest planet possible.

Peace For Planet - RR



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