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It's ok.

It's ok.

I heard these words being spoken to me. "It's ok, he said." They were so comforting and for such a small transgression. I had missed a zoom call and felt like I had let the others down. Yet there are times that life gets in the way and priorities spin on a dime.

Yet those words, "it's ok" gave me pause. Why did it feel so helpful, so consoling? It gave me time to take a breath and turn the heat down on the enormous pressure these days to do the right thing, make the right decision, support the right business, policy or candidate. It gave me time to reflect on the humanity of those two simple words.

It seems important to pass these words along to all of those laboring at solving for human and planetary health. Not all will be achieved today. You have purpose and are moving forward. You have us. It's ok.

What's past is prologue. - William Shakespeare


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