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Invest In Regenerative Where It Counts - At The Source

North Dakota Farm Adopts Customer and Community Health Bottom Line

“Guardian Grains offers a direct source for grain, designed to support human and planet health.”

Kelly and DeAnna Lozensky are laser focused on health. This is why they launched Guardian Grains, a purpose-driven business, supporting those seeking 100% transparency of their food sources. “A one-on-one relationship with our buyers is critical”, says Guardian Grains co-founder, DeAnna Lozensky. “We are here to make an impact on human health. Through Guardian Grains, we now have a platform for strategic partnerships developing the feedback loop within our community to grow health together.”

Guardian’s products are produced without GMO’s, tillage, fertilizers, seed treatments, insecticides, fungicides or pre-harvest desiccants over mature grain. Guardian Grains features the farms, Einkorn, Rouge De Bordeaux, Egyptian Hulless Barley, Spring Wheat, Yellow Peas, Yellow Mustard and Golden Flax. “The Guardian Grain community has significant production pull, in terms of the what we grow.”, reports Kelly. “We have a unique community driven by nutrient-dense foods with flavor and a variety of utilizations. We listen, as they seek out new grain species for their homes or businesses. We’re always open to supporting that community to the best of our abilities and are actively testing out new grains for commercial clients.”

In 2013, Kelly and DeAnna Lozensky made a conscious decision to focus their farm business on improving human health. The result is a full transition to regenerative practices on their 2600-acre farm, as well as every business practice they employ. “This is a purpose-driven business at the intersection of agriculture, conservation, climate and health.”, says Kelly Lozensky, Co-Founder of Guardian Grains. The transition of our farming practices has been second to the transition of our mind-set and actions to realize our impact on health.” DeAnna and Kelly realized that human health cannot be achieved without considering that end goal in every decision they made going forward.

“We took the time to stop and observe nature, prior to beginning our transition to regenerative practices. It was clear that nature had quite a lot figured out and our greatest impact to our family, community, customers and the world would be in mimicking the best it had to offer,” says Kelly Lozensky, Co-Founder of Guardian Grains. “Regenerative farming at its best can regenerate soil and in turn plants and in turn human health. The appearance of a natural system working in harmony as a result of our new farm practices continues to amaze from the growing abundance of wildlife, to the return of bees and butterflies. Our community by supporting us, in turn supports our continued work of optimizing nature.”

The Max, North Dakota based Guardian Grains is the outgrowth of the farm directly interfacing their products with their customers. The Guardian Grains on-line store features current varieties, quantities and packaging available. Kelly explains, “We are seeking buyers, as partners, to engage with us on our mission. It is an investment that we’ve made at our farm to seek out natural solutions to soil regeneration, seed health, environmental conservation and reduction of waste. It is to the benefit of all of us and we are excited to identify buyers who have the same vision to carry through for improved human health and planet health. We are anxious to learn and tell their stories.”

“Baking to me is not only about the people consuming my food, but the planet as well. I've always had a passion for going back to our ancestral roots and doing things the only fashion way; finding the balance and harmony with nature. Guardian Grains has made it entirely possible for me to use the ingredients our bodies evolved to live off of, while caring for Mother Earth with the love and respect it deserves” – Abby Price, Wild Kitchen

DeAnna imagines the community leveraging its knowledge of health and food to advance locally sourced nutrition programs at those finding a scarcity of nourishing foods, such as schools, hospitals and care facilities. “It’s an all hands-on deck time in this world and we all need to play a role in correcting systems that have been flawed with toxic assaults. Investing in sourcing from an independent farm committed to healing is one of the most powerful actions one can take today.”

Guardian Grains logo well depicts the elements that reflect the belief system built into Kelly and DeAnna’s DNA. Guardian defines their role and responsibility as stewards and facilitators of health. Grain to honor their bounty, heritage and community. Roots to represent their diligence to providing the strongest possible root systems in soil and family. Nutrition to depict the impact guiding their every decision at Guardian Grains.

About Guardian Grains Guardian Grains is a processor, wholesaler and retailer of regenerative grains and grain products. Established early in 2021, Guardian Grains was an outgrowth of a 4th generation North Dakota Farm that successfully transitioned to regenerative farming practices. Guardian Grains products offer 100% transparency from seed to finished product, guaranteeing buyers the confidence in the intrinsic quality and nutrient values. Guardian’s products are produced without GMO’s, tillage, fertilizers, seed treatments, insecticides, fungicides or pre-harvest desiccants over mature grain. Guardian Grains

About Global Food Collaborative Global Food Collaborative is a community of businesses along the supply chain system of natural health including harvesters, growers, processors, functional medicine professionals, health coaches, herbalists and more. The mission is to conquer disease through optimal systems. Our role is to better connect and facilitate collaboration within this system to maximize the impact of member businesses and, thereby achieving our mission. Global Food Collaborative

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