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Human Health Starts At The Farm: Workshop and Tour Starting 9/1/21. Free, Limited Seating, RSVP

Course is designed for retailers, restaurants, chefs and health professionals.

Join Kelly and DeAnna for a 3-part course starting September 1st at 12:00pm EST. Kelly and DeAnna, owners of Guardian Grains, have a regenerative farm where their scorecard for healing planet and people is long and growing daily. Learn for the very best. On the ground at their farm. Course runs September 1, 8 and 15th at 12:00 EST and is live via zoom for 10 guests only. Registration is free and designed for retailers, restaurants, chefs and health professionals. Yes! This is designed to be interactive and support our collective and growing knowledge of the integrated health and food supply chain.

Introduction to a regenerative farm.

  • What it means to be a regenerative farm and why it is important to health professionals.

  • Why health professionals and their supply chain is critical to our collective goal for healing.

  • The backstory of full-time farming for planet and human health.

How soil, climate and human health drives the strategies of the species plantings.

  • A tour of the plantings and lessons in soil health.

  • Why soil health drives human health.

  • Established and future metrics that measure the soil health, nutrient density and nutrient availability and why this is so valuable to healers along the supply chain of health and food.

It's Harvest Time. Now what do we eat?

Participate in the 2021 Harvest (virtually) and learn how the product that is harvested is utilized in the kitchen.

  • You're invited to participate in the 2021 harvest on the regenerative farm. Join Kelly and DeAnna as they harvest.

  • Learn how these foods can be utilized in the kitchen including in their raw form and minimally processed (in the kitchen).

  • Learn why it is so important to source responsibly for the purposes of healing. Understand the value of knowing that those growing your foods, eat with them at their table.

Sign up for the course by first signing up at GlobalFoodCollaborative and then selecting Workshop. Questions? Drop a note here.



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