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Check (list) Please @ Dank Street

Updated: Aug 22

How many boxes does your restaurant or food purveyor check off?

  • Healing Foods

  • Low Carbon Footprint

  • Flavorful and Delicious Recipes

  • Farm To Street (local and regenerative sourcing)

  • Compostable Packaging

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

  • Ghost Kitchen (maximized kitchen utilization)

The multi-talented duo at Dank Street Foods in Grand Rapids Michigan have a green and healthy checklist that rivals most businesses. Doe and Dex, like most along the health and healing food supply chain, have a personal history of food and environmental intolerances. The disruption of the restaurant industry in 2020 resulted in a business model that better matched their skill sets, food choices and beliefs culminating in a farm to street restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan called Dank Street.

Courtesy Dexter Marzette - Photographer

GFC: How did Dank Street come about?

Doe: We actually have dietary needs and as vegetarians there were not a lot of options to eat sustainable, healthy and meet our dietary needs. We went to Houston, Texas and there were so many options for people who are gluten free, oil free, nut free, vegan, etc. We had so much variety and it inspired us to have something like that back in Western Michigan. In a few short months, we launched Dank Street. More than anything we wanted to offer delicious foods that will attract people seeking healthier options and support those that are vegan and gluten free.

“When we talk about ‘dank food,’ it just means it’s really good. It’s delicious. It makes you stop and go, ‘Mmm, that’s some dank food.’ So we’re Dank Street. You can find some dank food when you come to Dank Street,” - Dex Marzette

GFC: How do you create your menus?

Dex: We cross reference our menus with dietary requirements making it as simple as possible for our customers. We make sure our sources are local as much as possible. It is important for us to get plant-based foods for the health of environment and our bodies. I had been working with New City Farm in Grand Rapids. Their purpose is to have a positive impact on the community and provide job and life skills to youth. That experience had a profound impact on my interest in food. When you work with the vegetables and work with the earth it changes how you feel about food and that is what we wanted to bring to the forefront in the Midwest.

GFC: How did you prepare as a chef?

Doe: I learned early as a teenager about cooking for special diets. I was a vegan and practiced baking gluten-free products. I found it a personal challenge to prepare foods without sacrificing the flavor and learning how to incorporate seasonings and textures. I found foods could taste amazing. I later started cooking in Houston, learning quickly professional skills with fine restaurants. Later, I had an opportunity to work at Vibrant, headed by Patti Delgado who took me under her wing crafting local and gluten free foods. I returned to Michigan and am excited to learn and grow in this whole new culture in culinary.

We present to you DANK STREET, the 100% Vegan & Gluten free Ghost Kitchen! We are a proud BIPOC owned business that values "Farm-to-Street" sourcing and culinary expression. Here, quality is never compromised and flavor comes first. We pride ourselves on a rotating weekly menu that's inspired by seasonal harvests. Street Food to us means real food. What the locals eat. Food that makes you lick your fingers. No reservations or limitations. Just real, dank food. -Dex & Doe