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Are you the one ? (regenerative wholesale buyer)

Your customers want to have an impact on planet and human health.

Empower them.

It's quite a claim, but it is true.

"Guardian Grains is seeking one exclusive wholesale buyer. We want to grow with those that are lockstep with our philosophy of being impactful to the most talked about issues of our time, climate and health" - Kelly Lozensky

The Food And Agriculture Organization estimates 53 harvests left. Why? Quite simply. The soil is depleted.

So what of those that have transformed their way of doing business so that rather than the clock ticking down, it is ticking up for increasing soil health and harvest years? We profiled one such family in last months newsletter.

What if Guardian Grains scorecard shows that regenerative farming has created a food product that is healthier by virtue of the health of the soils in which it is grown.? (It has!)

  • Minimally processed (cleaned and packaged).

  • Fiber and protein rich.

  • NO tillage.

  • NO fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides or seed treatments.

  • NO GMO

  • Short supply chain (farm to market) for traceability and reliability.

  • Simple to prepare and versatile. (Think rice and pasta alternative and more..)

Now it is your turn to play a role in that transition.

This regenerative farm is seeking one exclusive wholesale buyer to partner with them on growing a wholesale channel like no other.

“If you want to make the world a better place you’ve got to look at YOURSELF and MAKE A CHANGE” are the words that repeat daily with Kelly Lozensky, owner and soil manager of Guardian Grains. We challenge you to find anyone doing it more course correcting, as it pertains to soil and human health, water and soil conservation, climate and waste.

Recognizing a wholesale buyer is as concerned with how they buy with what they buy, you will have these farmers fullest attention to customize their product packaging and distribution to specification and without supply chain interruptions.

For the 2021 growing season Guardian Grains has the following crops planted and providing estimated amounts ready this Fall and Winter.

  • Yellow dry peas 1,530,000 lbs

  • Yellow mustard 840,000 lbs 2022 harvest

  • Golden omega flax 364,000 lbs

  • Hard red spring wheat 1,500,000 lbs

  • Rouge De Bordeaux hard red wheat 132,000 lbs

  • Einkorn 26,000 lbs

  • Egyptian hulless barley 100,800 lbs

Contact DeAnna and Kelly here.


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