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A Model For Health And Wellness

Winona Benson is a Health Coach Practitioner, located in Palmer, Alaska. She and the professional colleagues she has invited in to her Fresh Start Program bring to their clients an unprecedented network to sustain a healthy lifestyle. You can see in the team that clients have access to these specialists throughout the Fresh Start program. One of the distinctions of Nourishing Health Coaching Services is Winona's leadership in reaching across sectors, regions and expertise to remove the silos that often impede a seamless supply chain for individuals seeking health and well-being.

Robin Speaks With Winona Benson - Palmer, Alaska

Located in the heart of some of Alaska's original farms, Winona has easy access to farm fresh products and farm businesses. This makes it seamless to combine food and health into training programs and showcases she conducts on-line or in person for individuals of all ages on food and health or cooking demonstrations.

Listening to our conversation, you will see the genuine sincerity of Winona's end game - to provide individuals the tools to maximize their optimal health and well-being. Her hallmark is the entrepreneurial and innovative way she is expanding the net. Winona tirelessly explores and executes the growing number of ways she is able to expand opportunities for her clients, colleagues and communities. Once again, she is pioneering a new campaign. "I Am Worth It".

Learn about it and more below.

Plug in to her work through her programs such as Fresh Start or her Nourishing Swaps Newsletter.

Palmer, Alaska



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