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We are excited to welcome you into our community.    
We ask you to complete a quick checklist before payment, just to make sure we're the right fit.   
It's pretty straight forward from here.   Once you have completed the checklist, please proceed to the payment page, and immediately following, the community where we ask you to complete your profile.   The entire process should take no more than 10 minutes and once we see your profile in the community, we will begin our work supporting you and your business. 
See you soon! 
Global Food Collaborative Robin Richardson

Is The Global Food Collaborative Community Right For You and Your Business? 


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1. I am the business owner or decision maker interested in benefiting and contributing as a member of the Global Food Collaborative Community.
2. What role best represents you/your business?

 If you do not see a payment page upon submittal it may be do to an incomplete form or technical in nature.    We will reach out, otherwise, please contact us via our contact page.  

The information above is not shared or sold.  It is explicitly used to confirm that we're the right fit for your business.      

Thank you!  You have completed 1 of 3 steps.   Step 2 is the payment page.  Step 3 will take you to the community platform to enter your email and create a password.   At that point, you will be in the community and we ask you completed a short profile to highlight to the other members -- you have arrived!  

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