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Things Have Changed (Continued)

In April 2021, we relaunched Collaborative INSIGHTS Newsletter and I shared with you how things had changed here at Global Food Collaborative. If you missed that update check it out here.

Collaborative INSIGHTS Newsletter is our way of inviting you in to collaborate. 1: Please read the stories and connect directly through the links supplied in each article or post. 2: Please support our member businesses so they may continue to do their good work. 3: Please attend our events to advance our connections and education together. 4: And please Join Global Food Collaborative. Review the professional business roles that have the best fit and benefit here. Questions? Drop a note here.

September's issue begins our journey highlighting connections to support a fully integrated food and health supply chain. What does that mean? We used to call it the "meet your neighbor" program as we told stories and realized people within their own communities were searching out resources in their very own communities. In this case, we are featuring Michigan as a community, because two of our first members of 2021 hailed from NE Michigan. It made us curious, what else was in their supply chain network. Our goal over the next 2 years is to tell the stories of communities and benefit from best practices in each to optimize natural health by optimizing its supply chain.

Look for our next issue to highlight Alaska, followed by Missouri.



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