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North Dakota's Guardian Grains Teaches Optimizing Soil Health Without Costly Inputs

Debuting at the National No-Till Conference , DeAnna and Kelly Lozensky of Guardian Grains unveiled their first ever course on how to replicate and balance natures soil systems and reduce inputs (IMOS). Used successfully on their own farm, it works for farms big and small.

We should not be feeding anything to our soil that we would not eat ourselves. - Kelly Lozensky

Here's a quick preview.

Guardian Grains:

Consistently evolving to provide us better quality health through regenerative foods.

The Who, What, When, Where, How of Guardian Grains (2022) Press release issued regarding their business products and the roll out of their pasta line.


Harvester/Grower members are characterized by those that exhibit stewardship with relation to soil, land and water. They are land and ocean stewards securing markets that recognize and support their evolving practices, values and impact.



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