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Impact Of GFC Membership And Community

The sustainability and growth of your business is our benchmark.   


For that reason, we don't have long membership benefits lists.  We've been there/done that.  In reality, the bottom line is the bottom line.   Right?    


Joining the GFC community should either

  1. Save you time or money

  2. Increase your bottom line

  3. Increase your momentum, velocity or impact

  4. Make your work simpler, easier, faster or less costly

  5. or ALL ABOVE


OUR commitment to you

  • We measure the business impacts to your business based upon the 5 metrics above.   On-going community membership is up to you!  

  • Your private business information remains confidential.

  • We use the tools of connection, collaboration and amplification, with the highest respect for your time and attention.   We know you are busy.

YOUR commitment to the community

  • Completion of your business profile upon approval notification. 

  • Minimum quarterly posts / updates about your business, i.e. new products, services, writings, speaking engagements, research, etc.

  • Minimum quarterly participation in weekly membership calls.   This community works to your bottom line when you engage.   It helps in our facilitation on your behalf.    It leverages your work.


Community Membership Fee Starting May 1, 2022  - $7.00 monthly

How did we arrive at the $7.00?  It is a reminder of the US national healthcare spend is soon projected to be nearly $7,000,000,000, annually*.  It is our collective opportunity to increase our impact and reduce the unsustainable burden.  A positive impact on that number and our monthly dues are reduced!


*National health spending is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 5.4 percent for 2019-28 and to reach $6.2 trillion by 2028.

Registrations Through April 2022

(Participating Founding /Qualified and Invited Members) - Vested @ No Fee