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We are a collaborative of professionals in health and food that are coming together to increase our individual and collective momentum on preventative health and reversal of chronic disease in concert with our natural world.

The Challenge

Professionals, businesses and organizations are individually having remarkable success with food as medicine initiatives.  Imagine the velocity of adoption and overall impact to these and future successes through a vertically and horizontally networked supply chain

              The Solution

Now is the time to collaborate across all sectors to assure the sustainability of these individual successes.  
Now is the time to leverage our collective resources and capacity to increase our overall impact. 
Now is the time to conquer disease through optimal food systems - maximizing our expertise and determination.

Now is the time to connect all roles that add value to that success for an optimum food as medicine supply chain.   

Global Food Collaborative is a  horizontally and vertically connected supply chain for professionals applying food as the backbone of regenerative and preventative health.

“Leveraging existing resources is innovation’s sweetest play.” -
Richie Norton

Our Story

It started one day as a food manufacturing business owner sought help on a food packaging at a business consulting firm.    The next client was seeking help with transportation, but had mastered packaging.   The next was seeking help with transport, but had no way to manufacture.   What if we could remove the middleman and get these people together to collaborate?   Spoiler alert - it wasn't instant, but it did work and has been sustainable and long-lasting.   They truly became a formidable community looking out for each others interests.


We have been bringing the professional food supply chain together for years - . new products, channels and companies have been developed.  Markets have expanded, buyers have worked with suppliers on product development, health professionals have partnered with nutrient-rich food companies in educational media.   The model is proven.  Most importantly, we've shown direct and positive impacts to the bottom line, time and time again.

"Together, let's reduce healthcare costs and system challenges through collaborative solutions by networked professionals using food as the backbone of preventative and regenerative health."  - GFC
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